Anime Card Game

As a kid I wanted to make my own trading card game with anime characters, but I had a hard time balancing it since I couldn’t modify the printed cards. Therefore, I said to myself: I’ll simply make it a computer game. Then it’ll be easy to balance it out.

So when I got the opportunity to pick a topic of my choice for a project on multimedia design, I finally had time to work on it. The main concept of the design was to tie all aspects of the game together in the form of a single card. That card can be moved around on the desktop as if it was laying on a table, ready to be picked up when you want to play.

The idea behind the game was to unite characters and myths from various Anime. It features many well-known abilities and makes use of the relationships between characters.

I implemented custom menus and layout behaviors, so I had full control over user interaction. This allowed me to keep the interface clean while providing fast navigation paths. An adapted version of the Universal Tween Engine was used to realize animations. Unfortunately, the used interface framework is pretty outdated now.


Documentation (German)

Developer: Thomas Würstle
Mentors: Klemens Ehret (Design), Daniel Scherzer (Development)
Year: 2013 (updated in 2017)

Java Swing TweenEngine JLayer