Other Projects

Entity Component System
Developed a custom entity component system that uses perfect forwarding property accessors. It’s used as framework in my master thesis.
Windows Model Viewer
Developed a simple 3D model viewer for Collada files. Main purpose was to learn DirectX and what differentiates it from OpenGL.
C++ DirectX WinAPI
Component Based vs Object Oriented
Compared component based with object oriented program architectures by implementing a functional identical game using both methods.
Java Lua JavaFX
Hexagonal Map Pathfinding
Developed a simplex noise based hexagon map that uses a shader based texture atlas for its various tiles and A* pathfinding for unit movement.
C# Unity
Turing Machine Simulator
Developed a simple turing machine simulator that executes given machine definitions. Developed to validate my exercises in theoretical computer science.
Java JavaFX
Solar System Simulator
Developed a simulator, that displays the various distances, rotation and orbit speeds of our planet system. Main purpose was testing the 3D rendering capabilities of JavaFX.
Java JavaFX
Data Analysis Software
Co-developed the prototype of a data management and analysis software with multiple data sources using the Java open widget API.
Java Jowidgets MySQL MongoDB
Tower Defence
Co-developed a multi-level tower defence game with special projectile types that cause effects like armor penetration, movement reduction, damage over time and area damage.
ActionScript Flash
Brainiac GP
Contributed to the user interface development of “Brainiac GP” a turn-based, tactical racing game.
ObjectiveC iOS
Multiplayer Quiz
Developed a client-server based multiplayer quiz to learn network programming and state management.
C Linux