Civilization V – Units Patch

Enhances the unit upgrade and promotion paths, corrects promotion crossovers and rebalances some units.

I didn’t release this mod on the steam workshop since I had no time to provide support for it in case anyone had problems using it.



  • Adds the following unit upgrade possibilities:
    • Scout → Archer (note promotion changes)
    • Battle Ship → Missile Cruiser
    • Marine → XCOM Squad
    • Bazooka → XCOM Squad
    • Mechanized Infantry → XCOM Squad
  • Makes Helicopters ranged with one field attack range.
  • Allows hovering units to move over water.
  • Allows Submarines to enter rival terretory.
  • Allows Destroyers to carry two missiles.
  • Allows Workboats to cross ice and reduces their building costs significantly.
  • Allows XCOM Squads to ignore terrain costs but increases their building costs.
  • Grants XCOM Squads the same embarked advantages that Marines have.
  • Grants Gattling/Machine Gun and Bazooka units the logistics promotion.
  • Adds Aluminium as required resource to Missile Cruisers and XCOM Squads.
  • Adds Iron as required resource to armored units Destroyers and Carriers.
  • Adds Oil as required resource to ships and futuristic air units.
  • Adds Uranium as required resource to Nuclear Submarines.
  • Removes maintenance costs from Great Generals and Great Admirals.
  • Makes air fighter units stronger against land units.
  • Increases the operational range of Stealth Bombers but also their resource requirements.
  • Makes Carriers more durable but increases their resource requirements.
  • Garants Mecha units defensive embarkation but increases their resource requirements.
  • Makes Samurais avaiable earlier in the technology tree.
  • Allows units to subsequently gain experience from military buildings by visiting a city.
  • Allows units to subsequently obtain trained free promotions by visiting a city.


  • Enhances the promotion tree of several units.
  • Allows Scouts to choose the benefit when uncovering an ancient ruin.
  • Removes the ignore terrain costs promotion when Scouts are upgraded to Archers.
  • Corrects promotions when ranged units become meele or vice verca.
    (Based on William Howard’s “Promotion – Crossovers”)